Why do we choose weighted blankets ? 25 Feb
      Drifting peacefully off to sleep isn t always easy. Stress and anxiety can leave your mind racing and your body unable to relax. But a weighted blanket may be able to help. Research suggests that weighted blankets may help people who experience insomnia due to the following: major depressive disorder bipolar disorder generalized anxiety disorder attention deficit hyperactivity disorder Some believe that using a weighted blanket can mimic deep pressure stimulation, which may reduce pain and anxiety.
      Weighted Blanket features a removable, machine-washable microplush cover. Inside, there are weighted glass beads. The blanket is sewn to ensure the beads fall evenly and don’t bunch up in one area.
      Reviews for the blanket are almost universally positive. People love the luxurious feel of the soft, heavy blanket. Several reviewers say the blanket helps them sleep better and improved their insomnia.

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