What is a Weighted Blanket? 30 Oct
Sitting at 3-5x times heavier than your regular duvet, a weighted blanket is proven to give you a deeper sleep and reduce your anxiety- you'll fall asleep faster to waking up more refreshed too.

Reduce Stress and Anxiety
Over 76% of people express physical and psychological symptoms caused by stress.
A 15 lbs weighted blanket can dramatically reduce your symptoms and help you relax because of it's cortisol-reducing effect.

100 Night Sleep Guarantee
Sleep easy with our 100 night guarantee. You will love it, or your money back!
The Science Behind Heavy Blankets
Weighted Blankets have been around the medical community for decades.
They were originally made for patients suffering from sleep anxiety, ADHD, OCD, Sensory Processing Disorder, or those just having trouble falling asleep.
Recent studies bring to light the power of Deep Touch Pressure  to help completely relax you and enable your body to reach an optimal quality of sleep.
Hush was engineered in Toronto by a symphony of Sleep Specialists and product designers, who spent over 1000 hours crafting the perfect blanket.
It’s time for the world to sleep better.

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