How About The Memory Cotton Pillow? 03 June

Memory Foam Pillow

Skin-friendly aspects of human body

Memory pillow is a synthetic artificial sponge, is a kind of sponge family.It is also called slow rebound sponge, memory sponge, zero pressure sponge, space memory sponge, wisdom sponge and so on.It's a polyurethane foam.

1.material of memory cotton pillow can prevent bacteria and mites, not only inhibit mold reproduction, but also remove the harmful odor produced by mold reproduction and growth.The effect is more prominent in the case of sweat stains and saliva.

2.reason why the memory cotton pillow is breathable and hygroscopic is that each cell unit of the Memory Foam Pillow is interconnected. It has excellent hygroscopic performance and is breathable at the same time.

3. Memory Foam Pillow has the function of absorbing pressure and impact. When sleeping on it, your skin feels no pressure, which can also be said to be a zero-pressure sleep.In addition, we will have the problem of pressing the auricle with our ordinary pillow, but using memory cotton pillow can avoid this situation.

4. biggest characteristic of Memory Foam Pillow is memory deformation. The most obvious one is that the ability of automatic molding can fix the head and reduce the occurrence of stiff pillow.The ability to automatically shape the shoulder can be a good way to fill the gap, reduce the common problems caused by air leakage in the shoulder bed, and effectively prevent cervical spine problems

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