Advantages Of Weighted Blanket 03 Mar

Everyone knows that good feeling that comes from a long hug or cuddle. When other people aren t around to give us that squeeze, weighted blankets can replicate that feeling Weighted blankets are large, heavy throws packed with weighted beads that cover a person in gentle pressure. They mimic the feeling of a cozy embrace. The Gravity Weighted Blanket is a popular blanket made with a dual-sided design that offers both cooling and cozy materials, making it a good option for all seasons and temperatures. With so many weighted blankets to choose from, we broke down exactly what makes the Gravity Weighted Blanket unique, so you can decide if it s the right weighted blanket for you.

Dual-sided design. While some weighted blankets can feel too hot in warmer weather, the Weighted Blanket features a moisture-wicking cooling fabric that prevents overheating. The other side is made with a cozy fabric for a warm snuggle.
Machine-washable cover. With such a hefty blanket, cleaning can be a challenge. This blanket is easy to clean thanks to a removable duvet.
Hypoallergenic. All materials used in the blanket are hypoallergenic, and never uses antimicrobial or anti-stain chemical treatments.

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