What Is an Autism Weighted Blanket? 30 Oct

Occupational therapists and other medical professionals who treat autism have used weighted blankets, weighted vests, weighted lap pads and similar tools for years. Weighted blankets are sewn with small, evenly distributed pockets that contain polypropylene pellets. These pellets add weight, which allows the blanket to provide firm but gentle pressure to the whole body. Generally, weighted blankets are made with about 10 percent of the user’s body weight, plus a couple pounds.
While it’s great that so many people are enjoying the numerous benefits weighted blankets have to offer, the boost in popularity means that many start up companies have jumped on the weighted blanket bandwagon. Many of these companies offer one type of weighted blanket, with a one-size-fits-all product. Others offer a low-quality product that fails to provide any real benefit. It’s no surprise that the majority of these new businesses have poor reviews, trouble fulfilling orders or inflexible return policies.

If you’re looking for an autism weighted blanket for your child (or you), you deserve a high-quality product that truly delivers the benefits of deep touch pressure stimulation. Before you order, look for the following features:
Durable Fabric - First, what kind of fabric and materials does the company use? Is it open and honest about its materials and where they’re made? we use 100 percent high-quality cotton that is durable, breathable and machine-washable. Our production facility is also located in the United States.

Made in the USA - Where is the weighted blanket made? If a company claims that its products are “designed in the US” and “sourced overseas” it means its products are made in factories outside the United States. we are proud to make all of our weighted blankets right here in the USA.

Breath ability - What kind of materials does the company use to give its blankets weight? we use 100% virgin polypropylene pellets, which are breathable and mold and mildew resistant.

Machine Wash and Dryer Friendly - Chances are, you’ve spilled a drink or some type of food on your favorite blanket (or bedding). Isn’t it nice to have the option to throw it in the washer? Make sure your weighted blanket can be cleaned and dried at home. weighted blankets are machine washable and dryable on a low or medium setting.

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