weighted blanket with cover
  • Weighted Blanket Fillers: The Complete Guide
    Weighted Blanket Fillers: The Complete Guide Dec 05,2020
    If you want to make your own weighted blanket, you’ll be pleased to know that there are several materials you can choose as filler. And If you don't, but still want to know more about popularly used materials, read on. There are many things to consider if choosing one, and they will influence more than just how heavy the blanket will be, or how should you take care of it. I’ll explore a few option...
  • Chenille Chunky Knit Blanket
    Chenille Chunky Knit Blanket Dec 08,2020
    If you're looking for a gorgeous and comfortable chunky knit blanket or a throw, you've found the right place. This super chunky knit blanket is perfect for everyone. It is really big and very beautiful! This blanket is extremely soft and durable. ✅SOFT and GENTLE: it feels incredibly soft and gentle to the touch. ✅MULTI-FUNCTION USE: This beautiful blanket will be a great gift for you or your lov...
  • Extra large Sherpa blanket sport shirt
    Extra large Sherpa blanket sport shirt Dec 08,2020
    Comfortable | extra large Sherpa blanket sport shirt The hooded blanket is like a giant hug. Relax on a plush bed wherever you are - warm hoodies, big pockets. Made of Sherpa wool, oversized sack, reversible. More information: Luxurious, warm, soft blanket/sweatshirt One size fits all adults and adolescents Features: Large hood, large front pocket, high hem, ribbed cuffs Maintenances lotions: Drop...
  • Does the gravity blanket really work?
    Does the gravity blanket really work? Apr 02,2021
    Gravity blanket was first used to help some children with autism and ADHD in relaxation therapy. Autism affects communication skills, while ADHD is a mental disorder that impairs impulse control and the ability to concentrate. Using the gravity blanket, you will get a feeling of hug and touch, which can calm people down. Most of the gravity blankets are filled with plastic polyethylene particles o...
  • Beautiful hand-woven blankets
    Beautiful hand-woven blankets Apr 20,2021
    如果平时测定是织毯,一定要记住不要选择纱线, 编织在一起将是非常痛苦的, 因为编织时间有点长 选择多于粗染羊毛是非常好的, 所以用彩色编织的毯子非常漂亮, 也可以很快编织出来,应该在家里需要这个毯子, 可以一边看电视一边舒适地放在腿上。
  • Breathable Exercise Mesh 3D Sleep Mask Nap Mask
    Breathable Exercise Mesh 3D Sleep Mask Nap Mask Apr 28,2021
    Super soft 3D eye mask is firstly made of high-quality slow rebound soft material: zero-tone R memory sponge, which not only ensures the softness but also plays a supporting role. It is the best shading eye mask product with comfort level on the market.The shape of the eye mask is specially designed for the contour of Oriental face, with three-dimensional shape, beautiful and generous.The sides of...
  • Comfortable Hooded Sweatshirt TV Blanket May 19,2021
    HOODIE BLANKET OVERSIZED HOODIE for HOME&OUTDOORS - This hoodie with long sleeves covers you completely well and allows you to move and use your hands freely. It keeps you warm and cozy while lounging at home, morning coffee outside, at a sporting event, you can wear it for any camping or outdoor activities without having to take it off. ULTRA SOFT & WARM BLANKET - The oversized hoodie is ...

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